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Detailees Sought

The PBRB is seeking Federal detailees with backgrounds and/or interest in real estate, federal
real property management, and project management. Interested candidates will play a critical
role in identifying and disposing of federal real property nationwide and facilitating the
development of the Board’s recommendations. Candidates should be comfortable evaluating
real property with complex attributes, multiple stakeholders, and variable potential outcomes;
analyzing and evaluating relevant laws and regulations, and formulating decisions for the best
path forward to accomplish the Board’s mission. You’ll gain experience in coordinating with
external stakeholders and serve as the lead contact in outreach among Federal agency
partners, members of Congress, state and local governments, and other key stakeholders.
Candidates must be confident, self-starters, creative and able to work independently as well as
within teams.

Submit your resume today for a unique opportunity to help run a new federal agency and make
a difference in Federal real property asset management. For more information please contact:

Executive Officer (GS-12-13-14 level) (1 position)

This position serves as the primary point of contact and responsible official for all day-to-day
management and administrative matters pertaining to the activities of the Board. This position
reports directly to the Executive Director, and interacts frequently with Board members, agency
detailees, and a wide range of outside entities, to include the Office of Management and Budget,
other federal agencies, Congressional Staff, and the private sector. Specific areas of
responsibility include but are not limited to: Budget and Finance, Human Resources, Acquisition
Management, Federal Records and Federal Register, and General Administrative Management
and Program Support activities.

Senior Advisor / Attorney (GS-14-15 level) (1-2 positions)

Incumbent functions as a senior advisor to the Executive Director, working on all matters
affecting the PBRB, its policies, planning activities, and projects. Incumbent monitors and
evaluates proposed and approved legislation, executive orders, and other regulatory and
statutory guidance related to real property and assesses the impacts on FASTA and PBRB
programs and projects; and provides legal advice as necessary and appropriate. Incumbent
also evaluates and provides legal advice on the impact of PBRB proposed projects relative to
FASTA, the Property and Administrative Procedures Act, OMB Circulars, Executive Orders and
other requirements. The incumbent also provides strategic advice on sensitive and
controversial development projects to high level officials throughout Government, including
senior leadership in the General Services Administration (GSA), other Federal Agencies, the
Office of Management and Budget, and Congressional staff and offices.

Program/Management Analysts / Project Managers (GS-13-14 level) (2-3 positions)

Analyses and provides advice and guidance on comparative courses of action such as the
possible outcomes of various offered or proposed transaction structures, sales methodologies,
and other real estate and interagency ‘deal’ scenarios. The incumbent develops broad
strategies and concepts, including creative or ‘out of the box’ real estate and planning ideas,
that address emerging issues with sensitive, high dollar and high-profile development projects
and advises the Executive Director on strategies necessary to communicate and maximize
acceptance of policy issues. Serves as a project manager for highly technical real estate
redevelopment and disposal projects. Leads teams of design and construction professionals,
attorneys, developers, contractors, and other technical personnel to develop comprehensive
business cases, cost-benefit analyses, and other information to support particular projects and
goals to project the highest and best use of a property and to maximize the return to the